Milan Jovanovic

Serbian football player Milan Jovanovic Signed for 3 years in Liverpool FC England, Liverpool, Oct 28, 2010 Pictures by Eric Herchaft © Reporters              

Sunset in Dresden

A firey red evening sky brings the day to a spectacular end over the Hof Church in Dresden, Germany, 25 October 2010. At temperatures of about 8 degrees celsius, the following days have been forecasted to be sunny. Photo: Arno Burgi DPA / Reporters The cross on top of the Dresden Frauenkirche stands out against […]

Doel by Eric Herchaft


Belgium, Brussels, August, 2010 – The Doel Nuclear Power Station is one of the two nuclear power plants in Belgium. The plant lies on the bank of the Scheldt, near the village of Doel in the Flemish province of East Flanders. The Belgian energy corporation Electrabel is the plant’s largest stakeholder. The plant employs 800 […]

Warm Austria

Austria Weather

Two swans challenge for food on the lake Zeller  See in Zell am See, Austrian province of Salzburg, Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010. Meteorologists predict warm temperatures for the next days all over the country. (AP Photo/ Kerstin Joensson) Associated Press / Reporters Sunflowers stand on a field in front of the “Wilder Kaiser” mountain in […]

Alex Czerniatynski


Alexandre Czerniatynski (Charleroi, 28 juli 1960) is een Belgische voormalig voetballer en voetbaltrainer. Czerniatynski begon bij de jeugd van SC Charleroi te voetballen en bleek toen al een makkelijk scorende spits te zijn. De lange aanvaller kon doorstoten tot in het A-elftal van de Henegouwse club en debuteerde in 1978 op het hoogste niveau. In 1981 verliet Czerniatynski Charleroi en ging […]

The best Underwater pictures by Reporters & Barcroft Media


INDONESIA – UNDATED: “Froggy and Shrimpfish” – a Frogfish and Shrimpfish in Indonesia. These are just some of the stunning pictures that show 2010′ best underwater photography taken at the planet’s most beautiful nature spots. Whittling down thousands of entries, judges selected winners from several categories in the ‘Our World Under Water’ competition and sister […]

Administratief centrum van Brussel gefotografeerd door Eric Herchaft


De bouw van al dit fraais heeft zo’n 30 jaar in beslag genomen. De werken zijn begonnen in 1958 en pas definitief beëindigd einde jaren 80. Aan de basis ervan lag de vaststelling dat de Staat niet minder dan 57 gebouwen bezat in Brussel en er nogmaals 139 huurde van particulieren, veel verloren geld en […]

Cross der Jongeren in Westerlo


Westerlo, Belgium, October 30, 2010 Cross der jongeren in Westerlo. © REPORTERS / Kris Van Exel

Bono recharging in NY


Before starting the last leg of the gigantic 360° tour Bono takes somes days of in NY with his family… U2 frontman Bono was strolling with his wife and two sons John and Elijah through Central Park NYC on October 26th, 2010. The family looked to be having as much fun being photographed as taking […]

Israel Borderline by Julien Chatelet


Aéroport, Ben Gourion, août 2006 Arrivée d’olim provenant du Canada, des USA, et du Royaume Unis, lors d’une opération montée par l’organisation  « Nefesh B nefesh ». Les nouveaux émigrants sont accueillis par une haie d’honneur de jeunes conscrits, qui font partie d’une unité spécialisée en haie d’honneur. Ma’ale Adummim, avril 2006 Large colonie, située […]