Bookshop Selexyz


Maastricht, the Netherlands February 18, 2011 Bookshop Selexyz in a former Dominican church. REPORTERS/Anne De Graaf Maastricht, the NetherlandsFebruary 18, 2011Bookshop Selexyz in a former Dominican church.REPORTERS/Anne De Graaf

Hasselblad Master 2010

Serie Guerra

Olivia Droeshaut et Yves Dethier ont participé au concours international  “Hasselblad Master 2010″ en présentant une série de 6 portraits mis en scène, fruit de leur rencontre avec Michaël Guerra, un styliste belge, créateur de vêtements et d’accessoires. La série a été récompensée en atteignant la demi-finale du concours, plaçant les deux photographes dans les […]

The National Zoo of Managua


Pipo, a 26-year-old chimpanzee, embraces veterinarian Eduardo Sacasa at the National Zoo in Managua, Nicaragua, Thursday, April 7, 2011. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix) Associated Press / Reporters Workers feed a 35-year-old crocodile at the National Zoo in Managua, Nicaragua, Thursday, April 7, 2011. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix) Associated Press / Reporters Workers give to drink a 35-year-old […]

Nude in NY


Photographing herself naked in everyday situations around New York City, Erica Simone has taken flash photography to a whole new level. Pretty Parisian Erica, 25, rides the subway, shovels snow and buys cigarettes all in the buff for her latest project “Nue York: Self Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen.” Inspired by New York’s fashion […]

Notre Dame Spectacle


Sound and light show in the Notre Dame church in Paris, France on March 24, 2011. Photos by Alban Wyters/ABACAPRESS.COM abaca / Reporters Ref: 268539_002



The world famous Cirque du Soleil  returns to Madrid to present a new production, Corteo.The show is very lively and colourful performance with lots of comedy, presented in the style of a carnival parade seen through the eyes of a clown. The show will run from 2nd April until 22nd May at the Escenario Puerta […]

Biking 3,558 ft above Cape Town


These stunning pictures of a mountain biker performing death defying stunts on top of an iconic mountain top are certainly summit else. Pro bike rider Kenny Belaey conquered Table Mountain, which overlooks Cape Town, South Africa, by pulling tricks a staggering 3,558 ft above the city on the plateau of its famous slab of granite. […]

Un Belge à Cagliari

Radja Nainggolan

Radja Nainggolan (born 4 May 1988 in Antwerp) is a Belgian footballer playing for Cagliari Pict by Eric Herchaft © Reporters

Shot in Flanders


Flanders, Belgium, 2010, Shot in Flanders shows how the symbolism of mythical America has taken root in Flanders, Belgium. For this new series, Jimmy Kets photographed car washes, Cadillacs with gleaming chrome, and battered replicas of the Statue of Liberty found along the roadsides. Images that point the way to an American dream that has […]

Raggamuffin Girl


Leuven, Belgium, december 1, 2010, portrait of Selah Sue, Picture was originally made for Pictures For Life! an initiative of the photomuseum of Antwerp to support the Belgian charity campaign ‘Music for Life’.  1Ã  Pictures of Belgian artists were sold on ebay and were part af an exhibition in the Antwerp photomuseum from 17 december […]