Teun Voeten portfolio, chapter one


© Teun Voeten, Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, February 25th, 2009 In a ceremony where the ministers of the interior, foreign ministers and defense ministers of both Rwanda and DR Congo where present, aproximately 1500 Rwandese troops with drew from the DRC. The Rwandan troops where under protes from political opposition invited by Congolese president […]

Tim Dirven


Tim Dirven was born in 1968 in Turnhout. He earned a degree in photography from the Saint-Luc Institute (Brussels). But he did not wait for his degree before getting into the action. With his friend Willy Kuypers he did assignments in Rumania and Yugoslavia while in school. In 1994, he opted to become a freelance […]



Johan Bockstaele was born in 1977 in Gent. After studying Cinematography and Photography at Narafi in Brussels he started working as freelancer for several Belgian and international companies. He specialised in corporate, airport and event photography with a hidden passion for portraits, interior and architecture photography. Hundreds of pictures were published in books, magazines, brochures, […]

Jock Fistick


Jock Fistick’s photographic assignments have taken him around the world. He has covered everything from hurricanes and space shuttle launches, to famine in Haiti, refugees fleeing Cuba and war in the Middle East. He’s even had private audiences with Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama in India. He gained his fascination with different cultures as […]

Johannes Van De Voorde


ABOUT Johannes Vande Voorde was born in Bruges in 1976. He combined his History and Art education with photography at Narafi. He began his career as a photographer taking portrait photos, studio pictures (pack- shots, technical shots, food) and doing reports in the Balkans for a wide range of NGOs. He is currently working as […]

Stijn Beeckman


Stijn Beeckman was born in Dendermonde in 1975.  After graduating as a socio-cultural worker he became a community worker in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Through his work he developed a strong interest in social and socio-cultural themes. After several years of working in the field, he travelled extensively throughout Asia, Central and Southern America and decided […]