Cairo Garbage City

Garbage City

Cairo Garbage City by Teun Voeten In the impoverished Cairo neighboorhood Manshiayt Nasr, also known as El Mokattam or Garbage City, most people make a livingh sorting out and recycling garbage. The garbage collectors, in Arabic Zabaleen, are Coptic Christians who have worked in this business for the past 70 to 80 years. They used […]

Tanzania’s albinos


Tanzania’s albinos stalked by cancer, stigmatization and murder photographed by Dieter Telemans. Albinism is a genetic condition with a recessive inheritance that causes little or no pigmentation in people’s eyes, skin or hair. Their lack of melanin means albinos have sandy coloured hair, a white chalky skin and light brown or blue eyes. Africa has […]

Rom minority gathers in Ghetto’s

Romany minority gathers in Ghettos

Czech Republic, around Ostrava, Feb 2011 Amidst social and ethnic unrest in parts of the country caused by growing tension between the majority population and Romanies, the Czech government adopted in sept 2011 a strategy to combat the social exclusion of the Romany minority. Over the next four years, the government plans to spend up […]



A captain hired by the narco mafia to safely bring tons of cocaine hidden in semi-submergible almost undetectable embarkations from Colombia’s mangrove swamps on the pacific coast to Mexico. The journey can take between nine and twelve days. The crew is composed of a captain a mechanic and the heavily armed representative of the narco […]

Barca did it again.

Britain Soccer Champions League Final

FC Barcelona players celebrate their victory in winning the Champions League soccer title, during a bus tour through Barcelona city, Sunday, May 29, 2011. (AP Photo/ Emilio Morenatti) Associated Press / Reporters Manchester United’s Javier Hernandez reacts during the Champions League final soccer match against Barcelona at Wembley Stadium, London, Saturday, May 28, 2011. (AP […]

Solar Impulse for Schoolkids


Brussels, Belgium May 25, 2011 Solar Impulse pilots Andre Boschberg and Bertrand Piccard show their solar energy-powered plane to a group of 600 schoolchildren. REPORTERS/Thierry du Bois

Kalmthout in flames


Kalmthout, Belgium May 25, 2011 Bushfires in the natural reserve Kalmthoutse Heide ruin more than 500 hectares of valuable parkland. REPORTERS / Concentra – Frank Boelens REPORTERS/Gianni Barbieux

A glimpse of Cannes


Actress Kirsten Dunst arrives for the closing ceremony at the 64th international film festival, in Cannes, southern France, Sunday, May 22, 2011. (AP Photo/Joel Ryan) Associated Press / Reporters Actor Brad Pitt poses for portraits during promotion for the film The Tree of Life at the 64th international film festival, in Cannes, southern France, Tuesday, […]

Crazy Brussels Horse


Paris, France May 10 -11, 2011 The Crazy Horse Paris presents her new show on “Forever Crazy” to be presented in Brussels from September 30 to October 8, 2011. ©REPORTERS / Robert Losavio

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